About Us

Papakostas Buildings is a new modern and constantly developing company in the field of construction and Real estate based in Trikala, Greece. In all phases of construction, modern and innovative methods are used to achieve excellent results in terms of construction quality. Aesthetics and durability are the company's priorities, both in terms of material quality and construction. As part of this goal, we consciously work with experienced engineers from all disciplines in order to create excellent results.
Papakostas Buildings' goal is for the buyer not to worry about the details of the construction, nor to worry about the cost and quality of the materials.
This part is successfully undertaken by its experienced partners.



As a company we ensure:

during our work:

  • taking the necessary precautions
  • the proper organization and management of the construction site
  • the constant supervision of our workshops
  • the effective treatment of unforeseen factors
  • the detailed sorting and control of delivery materials

upon completion of our work:

  • Adherence to budget and schedule
  • the perfection of the delivered spaces
  • checking the proper operation of the systems
  • review of procedures
  • and finally the future service in possible repairs or changes that may occur (after sales services)


Do you have any landed property for sale?

We are interested in plots in Trikala and Kalambaka, as well as in the Southern suburbs of Athens and Eastern Thessaloniki (Kalamaria, Karabournaki).
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